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November. Brrr.


November is not typically unbearable in Portland. And yet…

November 2013: Coldest Month on Portland Record in Lots & Lots & Lots of (150, I Think) Years

Kinda like I said in a very recent post: Seriously?!?




2013 Inaugural Wellies Day

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Inaugural Wellies Day = first day that rain boots are needed to commute to work

2013 Inaugural Wellies Day: August 29th



August: Trek Month


August 2013 will forever be known as Trek Month. It is our greatest hope and deepest desire (no, I am not being hyperbolic) that this tradition will continue. But alas, it is up to the fates of the Star Trek Universe – and Portland summer planning – as to whether or not our month of Trekkie geekdom shall repeat in the long and prosperous future. Until then, let me reminisce…


It all began, Week #1, with the release of the new Star Trek: Into Darkness movie at our favorite local brew & view, Laurelhurst Theater. So, with beers, cherry sodas, and popcorn in hand, we gawked for 130 action-packed minutes at the entrance of Khan. And it was glorious.


What?!? We actually get to heckle this?!? Hollywood Theater – known for its very entertaining B Movie Bingo & Hecklevision – hosted the aptly named Treklevision in Week #2 of our Trek Month. Showcasing what was likely the worst movie in the Trekking series, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The text-to-screen heckling was relentless! Suffice it to say, there are some things that Captain Kirk himself should probably not produce… and his own movie is one of them.


Week #3 brought back Khaaaaaaaaaan. The original. Did Laurelhurst Theater know that we were looking for an activity to fill this until-now-void-week??? How very fortuitous and seemingly against all logic… don’t you think Mr. Spock?


There is no other way to end a Trek Month in Portland than with the epically successful and so very Portlandey, Atom Art’s Trek in the Park. This group’s five year mission certainly explored strange new worlds – namely, in the microcosms of traditional reenactment, the extent of Trekkie fandom, and truly weird of the Portland community, and all in a setting unlike any other: Cathedral Park. 2013 marked the final year for Trek in the Park, with the ever-classic, The Trouble with Tribbles. To prepare for this grand finale, Tribbles were needed – lots of them. As the story goes, there was a call for Tribbles across the Portland… and even across the nation and globe… and the Tribbles came rolling [bouncing?] in from every corner of the Trek Universe. Hundreds – if not thousands – found their stage spotlight as they were tossed, rolled, dumped, thrown, and otherwise located to the park stage. Yup – it was pretty fantastic!

And there you have it, a Trek Month that dares to be outdone in the future… it it’s possible. Until then, live long and search for awesome Trek events.

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