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Beards & Waterfalls

So the story goes something like this: once upon a time, after a late night of From Scratch Cookout debauchery, with bellies full of chicken & waffle brunch, four friends made their way into the dense green of the Oregon forests in search of waterfalls. And then there was Instagram. Two of our bearded fellow travelers chose to take selfies to be tagged #BeardsAndWaterfall for the purpose of, well, the enjoyment of the entire human race. Of course. So, for your viewing pleasure (and for those that may not have experienced the Instagram originals via ScottHeisel – thanks Scott!), I have included the journey below. Please enjoy. No really, please enjoy this.

B&W 1

Latourel Falls: BeardsAndWaterfalls is Amazing!!!

B&W 4

Multnomah Falls: Yeah, that’s right. Too cool for Multnomah Falls.

B&W 2

Bridal Veil Falls: What? We hiked this. Woooo! We hiked this!

B&W 3

Wakheena Falls: We have some weird Instagram followers already…

Some weird Instagram followers, huh? Well what did you think would happen when you added #BearsInTheWoods to all your photo tags. Oh boys.


The From Scratch Cookout


So I have had to backtrack and bounce around and do a little blogging time travel to bring all my Summer posting to fruition… but I am bound and determined to do it. So, let’s back track a bit… to July, to the hot, sun-shiney months of the glorious days of a Portland summer. Okay, now that we’re in the backyard cookout mood…

Welcome to The 1st Annual From Scratch Cookout


The idea was a true brainchild of my husband: on a gray-ish Fall Saturday, while walking around the Farmer’s Market, he told me that one day he wanted to own someplace that made an entirely “from scratch” hotdog – the hotdog, the bun, the ketchup, mustard, and relish. And this idea grew… from a “one day hotdog” to a “next summer cookout”. And the planning began – with ideas that fell somewhere between the most idealized, hipster BBQ to the most classic, All-American Cookout. The emphasis across all ideas was on everything being “from scratch”.

From Scratch
Fig. making something by starting from the beginning with the basic ingredients [typically: baking ~, making ~, starting ~] I didn’t have a ladder, so I made one from scratch.

And I mean everything. Even the game of corn holes that was brought for driveway entertainment was warmly made by hand to meet the critical cookout criteria:


The From Scratch Cookout Menu & Prep Schedule

  • Hot Dogs – prepped a week prior
  • Hamburgers – prepped one day prior
  • Cheese (and yes, it melted for Cheeseburgers!) – prepped 4 months prior
  • Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns – prepped a few days prior
  • Potato Salad – prepped two days prior
  • Coleslaw – prepped two days prior
  • Chips – prepped one day prior
  • Relish – prepped one week prior
  • Mayonnaise – prepped two days prior
  • Ketchup (sooooo many tomatos!!) – prepped a week prior
  • Mustard – prepped a week prior
  • Toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion) – prepped day-of event
  • Fruit (watermelon) – prepped day-of event
  • Hard Cider (aka: my private reserve) – prepped 3 months prior
  • Red Ale, Wheat Ale & Pale Ale – prepped up to 6 months prior


And so it was: after almost a year of brainstorming, 6 months of prep, and several long weeks with a refrigerator full of all things fermenting, curing, marinating, and pickled, stuffed, or pre-baked, the 1st Annual From Scratch Cookout took shape with the help of several Kitchen Ninja’s by the grill and several out-of-town friends on hand for the inaugural event.

And what would an annual event be without the start of an annual koozie tradition? We’ve got several ideas planned for future token phrases, but we were pretty proud of our first From Scratch favors…


So until next year, it’s been a pleasure handling your weiners!

A Sabbatical from the Blogging Sabbatical

Okay, so here’s the deal: my Travelogues are taking longer than expected. No surprise there. So in a potentially diagnosable, OCD-state of blogging distress, I decided to start simultaneous blogging – that is, current blogging on all things Portland and back-dated blogging to finish up all those travelogues… I mean, I still have all of Morocco to include, in all of its amazing, spice-infused glory, people!

BLOG - Pause

So, a message for the sake of the future viewer’s sanity: please ignore this message and continue onward in your binge reading, and enjoy all the travels and portland puddles to come… because by the time you get to this, my obsessive need to organize will have finally tackled this beautiful mess of wonderfulness. Thank you for pausing. Please proceed.

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