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The Dancing Max Man


This is perhaps the worst, blurriest, and most altered photo I have ever posted – anywhere. But it’s almost fitting since the scenario in which this occurs is altogether rather “altered” as well. The Dancing Max Man, dressed all in pink with a bright green bicycle, boards the Max at a downtown location with a decorated boombox in hand. He proceeds to select a song – usually something from the 70’s or 80’s and often times with a glam rock influence – and performs his own elaborate dance show, including gravity-defying pole dancing on the standing handrail, then… as if nothing had happened… he deboards at the next stop and rides off through downtown.

Was it a dream?
Am I hallucinating from some type of Portland contact high?
But No. This is Real.
Because this unicorn of the Max Light Rail will appear again.

With his offbeat, albeit it guilty-pleasure-fulfilling music choices, he will re-board a train at some point during the summer months to repeat his entertaining display and personify what it means to keep Portland weird. It’s virtually a guarantee.

Personally, I think he and the Unicycling Bagpiper should team and to take their show on the road. But that’s another post entirely…

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