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I Know, I Know, I Know… Let Me Explain:

So it’s been a while – I know. And after my reasonably steadfast dedication to the January “Photo A Day for Recovery Mini Challenge”, it was only fair to follow it up with a cupcake dessert to celebrate and then… a sugar coma……?? Well, not exactly. But I have a good excuse! I swear! I’ve been very busy! Afterall, this year is, as the hubby and I have come to call it:

20Twenty-1One-3Three: The Year of Me

Ha ha ha! So corny, and yet, so apt! You see, the hubby and I don’t put a lot of stock in “New Year’s Resolutions”, per say, but there was nevertheless a lot that we wanted to accomplish in 2013… and on a pretty strict timeline. After all, we probably don’t have indefinite years remaining that are pre-definitively adultish 30’s, pre-kids, pre-settling down or, as is more likely, pre-next big move, etc. So we combined motivational resources and got to it… or rather, Us!

But spending a whole bunch of time on Me, it turns out, is quite time-consuming! And while I typically would never post a lot about personal or professional goals, there is something to be said for the role that Portland is playing in this journey. So, for whomever may find it co-motivational or simply progresionally interesting, I’ve decided to include it here amongst our other Puddle Jumping adventures. Here’s the rundown of this crazy 20Twenty-1One-3Three endeavor thus far…

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Healthy Schmealthy Stuff

Africa was very good for our figures. Returning to America was NOT. And since we no longer had to carry drinking water up and down dusty hills in 110 degree heat, we were going to have to figure out an alternative healthy lifestyle. At least its been a lot more interesting with nifty apps!

Weight Watchers – 13.6 lbs. lost

I don’t believe in dieting. Never have since living in France and indulging every day in all the bread, butter, chocolate, and wine I could possibly want and still maintain a wonderfully petite Euro-figure. But then again, I must admit that my early 20-somethings metabolism may have had *something* to do with that. So fine. We joined Weight Watchers, downloaded their WW Points+ Mobile app, handy-dandy WW Barcode Scanner, and iPad-friendly Kitchen Companion, and we were on our way! Fingers crossed that we keep up the momentum…

Yoga – 14.75 hrs. logged

While the hubby took off to the gym to hit the treadmill, elyptical, stairs, and free-weight room, I was struggling to even get home from meetings before an 8pm dinner. So I went another route: something that I could do at home – and at drop in classes on free days – and would reduce stress, build strength, and yeah, qualify as some fitness as well. After much research, I landed on All In Yoga as my choice, at-home, yogi guru and so far, it’s served its purpose quite well! The teacher’s voice is a bit distracting, so I’ve edited the preferences to use Sanskrit names only (hey – I’ll learn some Sanskrit too), but overall, it’s putting me in the right mindset towards that “getting back to basics” ideal I posted about at the start of the year.

Walking – I walk a lot… I should probably be more exact…

I have a public trans pass for a reason, though running late to work in the morning is usually a pretty good excuse to catch a ride door-to-door with the hubby. But this year, I am focused on walking more – and yes, that means between trains and busses – and squeezing a bit more of those oh-so-healthy extra steps into each day. While I haven’t actively tracked my averages, I might start now that I have these updates to think of. So I’ll likely turn to my go-to Free Pedometer app to get daily distances and nifty maps of my city-wide zig-zagging.

Quit Smoking – $164.06 saved

Oh yeah, and I quit smoking. Kind of accidentally, actually… it’s an odd story, so I don’t spend too much time on it… but according to my straight-to-the-point Quit It app, I’ve saved a decent chunk of change in addition to the obviously more important health benefits.

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Big Girl Job Stuff [aka, Professional Development]

Next up: time to step it up. Once I had [finally] found a job in the development sector that I loved, it was time to continue my own professional development. While there is *no* lack of work to keep me busy in the office, there is no time like the present to advance my career and hopefully make a place for myself in the field. So, let’s hit those books/ groups/ trainings/ networking sessions…

WVDO & AFP – Professional Associations

Willamette Valley Development Officers and the Association of Fundraising Professionals are the top associations for development in Portland. And, did I mention that they have “Young Professional” memberships at a reduced rate for “30 and under”? Just barely, but it counts! So put me down for those monthly trainings, luncheons, and conferences – I’m here to learn!

PDX Development Roundtable – Development Partnerships

The Development Roundtable started up last year, right as I entered the development sector in Portland. It is a small, casual, very organic group of nonprofit development professionals working in the social service sector, primarily in Old Town / China Town and Downtown Portland districts. This year, I took on the responsibility of facilitating the group and am super excited at the myriad possibilities for partnership. Social Capital – woot woot!

YNPN Portland – Young Nonprofit Networking

How is there not a Young Nonprofit Professional Network branch in Portland? Everyone here is young and working for nonprofits! So, on my high of social engagement, I emailed YNPN National and discovered that a Portland branch was in the making. Fast forward a month and I am helping to co-chair our Marketing & Communications Committee and we are in the process of making YNPN Portland an it-thing in good ‘ol [young!] Portland!

CFREThe Certification to Have

Certified Fund Raising Executive certification is the premier certification for development professionals – yeah, I’m that dorky. And while I hadn’t really considered certifying until my 30’s-40’s (the average age of applicants who qualify for certification), what’s stopping me from at least trying now! Oh grad-school-esque studying, how I missed thee! 

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New Journeys, New Streets, New Doors

Portland is still fairly new to us – it’s only been 18 months afterall – so there is still tons that we have to see and do and eat and drink! And in 2013, I’ve decided that there simply is no reason to put off those “oh we should do that!” statements any longer. So get ready Portland, its time for Lonely Planet-style adventuring!

The PDX To Do List – Check ‘Em Off!

Way back in the day when we arrived to Portland, I started an iNote with a haphazard list of places that we had heard of and wanted to visit – restaurants, brew houses, tourist sites, day trips, etc. That list stood under utilized for quite some time, but no longer… so a ton of my posts this year will be a result of PDX To Do List entries.

Discovery Days – Go Ahead, Get Lost!

Adam and I don’t have many days off together, so if we get one and want to stay local, we decided to embark on Discovery Days. The idea is to pick a neighborhood or street that we haven’t visited before and simply discover – it’s hard to actually get lost in Portland, but it would be ideal! So, just as with the list, a lot of this year’s entries will likely be random and somewhat off-the-beaten path finds… my favorite!

So consider this your quarter 1 report – and introduction to how all these endeavors might play a role in the life of my 2013 Puddle Jumpings world. I promise more updates on 20Twenty-1One-3Three to come, as well as hopefully some success on my resolution to blog more consistently! For this report, I shall end with some advice from a popular Portland friend…

Advice from a Tree:
| stand tall and proud | go out on a limb | remember your roots |
| drink plenty of water | be content with your natural beauty |
| enjoy the view |

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