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{Thu Jan 31 – Throwback}: “OH PORTLAND.”

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PHOTO | Hipstamatic | Watts Lens | Pistil Film | No Flash
LOCATION | Hawthorne Boulevard | Along the strip, around 34th Ave.
TIME | March, 2012 | While strolling in an early summer sunshine | What the hell?!?

AND I THOUGHT TO MYSELF: It’s entirely reasonable – and common even – to hear “Oh Portland.” from just about anyone in the city, tourist and native alike. Why? Because it’s entirely reasonable – and common even – to see things like that, above. Seriously: Portland really can be as weird as people like to suggest that it is. So, to celebrate all that is odd and quirky, I thought back to some of the things that would make it into my own Hall of Weird… and here they are:

  • Still topless and truly proud bikers returning home from the dare-to-bare Portland Naked Ride – oh, hello boobs on a bike!
  • The yellow jump suit man that looks a bit like a pimp from the 1970’s that brings his boombox on the late-night Max lines for 10 minute sets of choreo set to bad trance music.
  • Goth Loli. Look it up. Enough said.
  • The overly-neoned 24-Hour Church of Elvis, with all things heathen-like and simultaneously spiritual, including a donation request for faith-filled advice such as, “Be kind to animals… and the planet… oh yeah, and recycle.”
  • A double-stacked, double seated, super tall bike that requires the bottom peddler to have his face unfortunately close to the buttocks of the top peddler, ha!
  • Flocks of people dressed as Waldo, in various parts of the city, at various times of the year. And no, they won’t tell you what they’re doing. That would be so less weird.

Still don’t believe me about the Portland weird factor? How about some of the more understated and still truly weird: check out the aptly named, 10 Things About Portland That Are Actually, Genuinely, Non-Ironically Weird for some other tidbits like the fact that Portlanders don’t honk, I mean come on, that is seriously, terribly, horrifyingly weird (Bostonian here). Anyways, there is plenty of cause and plenty of instances where there is not much at all that can be said. So out of love, out of frustration, out of complete confusion or sometimes utter adoration, we say together, “Oh Portland.”

MEANWHILE: Mom had her 3 week post-op visit today, as well as some follow-ups on the recent ER visit, and all things considered, she got great news! Her ortho doc has freed her from all things post-surgical (ie, leg wraps, blood thinners, etc.) and is incredibly pleased with her PT progress, strength, and mobility. Also, her primary doc has cleared her new medication regiment that seems to be helping with the rest of the pain issues – making for a much better today than last night. Thus… she is officially cleared!!!!! Well, cleared for walking slowly and still taking it easy, of course, but okays from docs are the best that can be hoped for! Now, is it weird that she would get such great news after such a rough couple days? Not at all! Determined, not Weird. Oh Mom. [Read As: We knew you could do it.] 🙂


{Wed Jan 30 – Inspired}: DOWN


PHOTO | Instagram | Lo-Fi Filter | No Flash
LOCATION | NW Burnside & 6th Ave. | On the rooftop of St. Andre Bessette
TIME | End of the Work Day | Watching the last bits of light | Plenty of things down there to see!

AND I THOUGHT TO MYSELF: I’ve never walked around the city and consciously spent time looking down – interesting! There certainly is a lot to see down there, when you actually get a chance to do it!

MEANWHILE: Mom spent most of tonight in the hospital with pain – not in her knees, surprisingly – but horrible pain elsewhere that may be related to the medications, or general side effects. It became severe enough tonight that she was driven to the ER, admitted, and underwent several tests to determine the cause of this new pain. Fortunately (but unfortunately for the sake of getting some answers), the tests did not reveal any clots or bleeding issues, so the docs felt okay to let her head home with a new regiment of medecine. So… I guess “Down” is an applicable word for today… very, very down… but I am hoping with all my hopeful energy that this is just a temporary down that the new medications will be able to fix and get her back on a safe, more comfortable track. We’ll keep you posted in tomorrow’s update, of course.

In the meantime, send lots and lots of healthy thoughts to the Midwest. And here’s a few more photos from today’s discoveries to make sure that mom has plenty to read when she’s [hopefully!!] feeling better tomorrow…


TITLE | Concentric Circles
PHOTO | Instagram | Hefe Filter | No Flash
LOCATION | SW Madison & 5th Ave. | At the Jefferson Max Stop
TIME | End of the Work Day | Headed home | The Benson Bublers are back on!


TITLE | Ticket to Ride
PHOTO | Instagram | Sutro Filter | No Flash
LOCATION | Yellow Line Max | Southbound towards Pioneer Square
TIME | End of the Work Day | Headed home | So very bike friendly Portland


TITLE | Last Leaf
PHOTO | Instagram | Brannan Filter | No Flash
LOCATION | SW Madison & 4th Ave. | At the Line 14 Bus Stop
TIME | End of the Work Day | Headed home | Where have all your friends gone little Leaf?

{Tue Jan 29 – Throwback}: NEWLY OLD

More Portlandia!! (554)

PHOTO | Hipstamatic | Kaimal Mark II Lens | Float Film | No Flash
LOCATION | SE Division & 45th Avenue | The Woodsman Tavern, bathroom
TIME | Late Evening | Taking a trip to the Loo | How do you not capture the awesomely old?

AND I THOUGHT TO MYSELF: Portland is all over everything old, and new, and newly old, etc. And of course, it’s not just old or newly old, it’s “vintage”, “antiqued”, “retro” or the sometimes relevant “shabby-chic” or just “hipstery”. Moreover, it’s hard to find these things done well – that is, if they weren’t actually done 40 or more years ago. So when you find something or somewhere that’s got that sought-after feel, it’s worth taking a moment to capture it. One of the best examples that always comes to mind for me is the bathroom at The Woodsman (a SE restaurant that will get its own post at some point, don’t worry!). The bathroom has been done with intentionally cracked paint, an oddly-squared pedestal sink, a too-simple-to-have-been-simple-to-pick-out mirror, a singular bronze lampshade with Edison bulbs, and a no-nonsense bottle of Castile Soap. Straight up: wonky, old-fashioned, and intriguingly worn down… well done old boy, well done.

MEANWHILE: Mom says that even with the ups and downs of late, she is continuing her house laps with the new knees. Keep at it mom, pretty soon you’ll be lapping the dog (or at least keeping up with their shenanigans!)

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